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As pole is all about using skin to stick to the pole, shorts and crop tops are ideal, but beginners only need to show skin from knees down and elbows down. We mainly pole in bare feet, but you can wear shoes, heels or flats if you want. During warm up/down, you can wear comfortable trousers that you can move freely in.

Please no oils or lotions on the skin prior to class. They make you slip off the pole.

Think about your jewellery. they can get damaged or even do damage to you, so leave valuables at home.


Drink plenty of water as dehydration can cause a reduction in muscle performance, dizziness, lack of concentration and headaches.

If you need to eat in the hour before coming to class, try and eat lightly  to decrease the feeling of bloating and even motion sickness while swinging around the pole.

After class replenish your body- eg. fruit juice is an great source  of fluids, carbs, potassium and vitamins


While doing pole there is a risk of bruises and/or friction burns. Some people will bruise more easily than others.

Tips for prevention.

Concentrate on using your strength to control moves. Apply ice or cream to the affected area. We recommend using Anti-flamme or Voltaren cream, Arnica, and Tiger Balm. Good to have these on stock.  And try to go to a physio!




For a list of Pole Studios throughout NZ, check this link



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